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The Driving Factor in all Business relies on human connections.

At Helix Media, we are committed to helping local businesses in San Antonio and throughout Texas broaden their online reach. We are a multi-disciplinary team comprised of designers, creators and technicians that approach every project with the same passion for branding. Our process involves getting to know the businesses we represent intimately.

Through our creative flair and technical expertise, we turn the inherent passion, love, and values of our clients into digital identities that resonate with target audiences. That’s why we’re in no rush to grow. Perfection takes time, which is why we are selective when it comes to projects and clients we take on.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a new website?

Every website serves a unique set of business goals. Because your business, your goals, and your mix of customers is unique, we do not simply list a few packages. Every business’ customers represent groups of individuals seeking products, services, or information unique to them. We take this all into consideration when consulting and pricing.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO describes the practice of improving your website rank on search engine results for your local area. You want your web pages to rank high when people search for what you offer. A good website and registering it with search engines are your first steps. Over time, search engine computers or “bots” pay attention to content on your website and what people search for or say. If bots see a quality match, then the better your local SEO. It takes time to build these patterns and connections, but it can be powerful for a business.

What is White Hat or Black Hat SEO

The hat metaphor comes from old Western movies where bad guys wore black hats and hid in the shadows. Nowadays it's hoodies. The term black hat SEO is still used a lot, so we refer to it here. It describes activities that cheat the game of building off-page SEO reputation. For example, a company hires people to make comments on websites and leave a link to the brand’s website on the comment. The bot reads the link and sees it goes back to the brand. If the bots spot the pattern, then your SEO takes a reputation hit. 

White hat SEO is the real deal. It’s authentic, organic, quality SEO. The real thing takes more time, but it’s worth it for the long-term well-being of the online presence of business. We practice good SEO tactics and strategies.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO describes the types of factors that are part of a search engine’s algorithm, but which are not part of your website. These factors are off-page or off-site and include reputation and authority. To build this, activities may include guest blogging, social media activity, podcasting, and people linking to your website, sharing your content. For example, sharing a link from your website on social media and encouraging sharing would support off-page SEO. This indicates people trust you, think what you have to say is worth sharing. Mozilla says this counts for more than half the SEO juice of a website or brand. Trustworthiness of its search results is important to Google. Google wants to be trusted, too.

What is UX?

We’re glad you asked! UX is an acronym for User Experience. This field of work quietly started in the 90s by some humans who wanted the Internet and all products easier to use. Books started to be written that are still used today

What is a Flash Project?

A flash project usually pertains to a project with very short notice or a very tight deadline.

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